Welcome! Come see solid evidence of God from Creation & Archaeology

We are also known as the Leavenworth Creation Museum

We are a museum & park 7 miles from beautiful Leavenworth WA

Strengthen your faith & understanding

God specifically described 2 dinosaurs that Job knew to help him (and us) realize His power and creativity.   English Bibles were first translated in the 1500s. They use their ancient names because the word "dinosaur" was not invented until 1840 or 1841.

Archaeology & Fulfilled Prophecy

The Bible is historically accurate.  

God intentionally foretold future events to help us understand that the Bible is really His word!

See evidence of the world flood

Several enormous ships are known from ancient times.  This Roman ship built by Caligula was smaller than the ark.


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We are a museum & park 7 miles from beautiful Leavenworth WA

Free Admission!

At this time we are open Fri-Sun and by appointment other days.  

We will be closed Jan 7-April 11, 2019 but open again April 12.  

We continue to add displays, so visit our museum often!

God's World Exploration Station

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